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Following an extensive period serving in the Royal Australian Navy the values, Honour-Honesty-Courage –Integrity and Loyalty have been instilled within our work ethics. We bridge the gap from the values of defence to that of the civilian industries. Offering a service that will achieve the results that is required in diverse environments.


Safety is above all in our focus to achieve the tasks at hand. We have experience in high risk projects and having the correct safety procedures in place ensures the task will be completed on time and without delay. Reliability in our extensive training and utilisation on quality tools and equipment provide an efficient service minimising the mean breakdown failure of components required to complete the job.


Lightcore Tech prides itself with the quality of each project completed. Experience in quality products that are of military specific we have the ability to work to these standards that are required for the more specific nature of fibre optic systems. 

Who We Are?

Brad Barr
Brad Barr - Owner of Lightcore Tech

We offer an Optical Fibre Specialist service for telecommunications and communications services nationally to Australia. Providing Optic solutions in testing, repair, certification, installation from extensive experience within the Defence maritime environment and working with the NBN roll out.

Working to both Australian and International standards we can offer a quality service that achieves military level results delivering superior data networks and increased system performance and reliability. Utilising our experience in remote environments in maritime industry, working in harsh conditions is well within our capability to provide you with the niche service required to get the job completed effectively.

This includes urgent defect repairs on Australian and international maritime vessels and shore facilities Australia wide and understand the flexibility required within this line of work. Offering our services to the commercial industry includes all fibre optic fusion splice, termination and testing having had experience in NBN, security and Wifi upgrades. In this we are offering a one stop test and termination shop that can perform to the highest standards required.



Our promise as a contractor is to ensure that every project we deliver using our professional expertise, exceptional customers service and premium quality tools and equipment.

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