The final ANZAC class frigate has come off the BAE Systems hardstand in Henderson, with the new ASMD upgrade which includes an infrared search and track system, a phased array radar and dual navigation radar system.

According to a Defence Connect article BAE Systems Australia said, “more than 500 people were engaged throughout the Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) element of the docking. A further 200 people from 35 small to medium enterprises and over 100 local suppliers were needed to support the engineering and structural changes made to each ship.”

Lightcore Tech were engaged in some of the communications network aspects during this upgrade and are excited to be involved with future works of these frigates. Fibre Optic networks have become the Military Standard for the ANZAC Class Frigate. High speed fibre networks are delivering quality performance for the militaries precision instruments.

The fleet will soon be due for the ANZAC Midlife Capability Upgrade Program, a six-year contract to make improvements to communications systems, temperature control, lighting, engines, propulsion and defence systems. Lightcore Tech will be involved with some of the communication systems upgrades during this phase, providing the highest quality performance to mission critical systems and quality of life systems.