Navy LDH


Lightcore Tech has experience and the knowledge to complete defence projects derived from a unique skill set from the Royal Australian Navy. Not just as a specialist in the field of maritime communications but also in the fibre optic networks on-board our warships.

This includes establishment communications networks and other ICT backbones or data centres. This includes all modes of fibre utilised and MILSPEC terminations of the various systems on any platform required. Having had close relations with prime contractors to defence and multiple other defence contractors we can offer a fibre optic specialist service for any Department of Defence within Australia.
The new capabilities coming to the Australian Defence Force are exciting and Lightcore Tech will be of high value to any client that requires specialist works completed Australia wide.
For a full capability statement please contact either via the email or contact Brad directly to discuss further.

Lightcore Tech has extensive experience in working on and with military specific terminations and jointing. Having completed intricate ship borne optical links which use high precision, blast reduction and security components. Having worked with defence contractor THALES and BAE we have a quality system required to complete projects of any Defence manner.