Australian Warship network

Lightcore Tech was selected prime for a project consisting of multiple junction box installations located throughout an Australian Warship. A large project including approximately 1000 terminations, test certifications and including flexible working arrangements.

Adhering to Lightcore Tech’s high standards of service, the project was tested at an average of 300% less loss than the required engineering specifications providing greater efficiency, performance, and system growth for the customer.


Australian Warship LAN

Lightcore Tech was engaged in projects which required the termination and testing of military specific fibre cables that needed to pass through a bulkhead. The requirements were that the connector at the bulkhead had to be removeable, but is also extremely rugged due to the nature of the area.

Each connector was terminated using adhesives, crimped to the strength member, and finally polished to allow light transmission of the highest standard. Each pin was digitally certified including power reflectance certification. Lightcore Tech achieved results on average lower than customer requirements displaying our unique skill and experience in MILSPEC terminations.


Private Network Installations

Lightcore Tech have been required to install, terminate and test fibre optics for multiple customers. This backbone allowed connectivity between all services the customer required. The cables ran between various buildings, terminated within a FOBOT.

Each cable was spliced into the FOBOT using pigtails and the resulting loss per connection was near 0DB due to the high-quality fusion splicer and world class, high end equipment Lightcore Tech utilizes. We achieve precision in our service to give our customers the most superior network available. Less loss in your fibre optic networks maximises multiple factors in maintaining an effective business and system performance.


Prestigious Brisbane and Gold Coast Private Colleges

Due to the urgent need at having a system back online after damage, Lightcore Tech was requested to inspect and repair the problem. Lightcore Tech provided each customer with a method of correcting their optic problem whilst also minimising cost and adding future growth for their network.

Using skills and experience derived from both military and civilian industries, the service was repaired same day including providing a groom on the network minimising optical loss and enhancing their communications backbone.

A state of the art library was provided with a high quality fibre optic backbone, providing students with enhanced learning capabilities and teachers access to high quality education material.